elliot1 xLa Leche League is a community resource for nursing families offering mother-to-mother encouragement, information, and education.  Together we explore the multifaceted role of breastfeeding in the mother-child relationship. We are on the web, as close as your phone, and in neighborhoods around the globe.  Please join us in Salt Lake City for discussion circles of mothers, some with a different perspective and some a lot like you!

“I’d like to check out a MEETING

—  when’s the next one?”

Drop a quick note to breastfeedingslc@gmail.com to receive notices of our upcoming upcoming meetings in Sugar House and the Avenues.

We look forward to meeting you!

—  Alison, Christy, Darcy, Emily, Harmony, Kacie, Niaree, Nicole, Susan, & Whitney

“My question can’t wait! How can I call?”

LLL of Salt Lake City warmline:

(801) 251-MILK or (801) 251-6455


3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Unable to get a response when I call. Help!

  2. I’m so glad to see your wonderful site here! I love Timbra’s photos, they look beautiful.

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