Crossing Language Barriers with Breastfeeding

Mothers in Salt Lake are sometimes quite far from home which could mean English is a second or third language.  Here are some quick links to information in a few different languages.  Sometimes mom is quite fluent in English but baby’s grandmother is not.  These links may be useful when sharing information with family members:



UkrainianВсе про грудне вигодовування

RussianГрудное вскармливание от А до ЯEnglish language version

Как сделать грудное вскармливание успешным: несколько простых правил. “How can I make breastfeeding successful: a few simple rules.” This extensive Russian language website has some great illustrations and animations (including latch, hand expression, and  reverse pressure softening) that transcend language barriers.

SpanishInformación sobre Lactancia

Please let us know if you find these links useful — or if you have other information or thoughts to share.  Visit La Leche League International for information in other languages and to contact Groups and Leaders in other countries.

Thank you for helping another mother nurse her child.

—  Susan


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