The Normal Course of Breastfeeding

Not so long ago, breastfeeding a child beyond 6 months was referred to as “extended nursing” — and in some circles that thinking continues.  What words do you use to describe your own nursing relationship?  For those of us who continue to nurse, are we “extended” nursing?  Or something else?!

Mothers and children are all exploring the normal course of breastfeeding, even as we take our different paths.  A question that comes up again and again is the language we use when we talk about nursing our children beyond the first year.  On November 12th, our “Extended Nursing” meeting will focus on the influence of language on the practice of breastfeeding —  from birth through the ripening of the relationship and its thoughtful close.

We expect to change our own thinking and begin the new year with a fresh start — a fresh title for our Enrichment Meeting the second Thursday of the month.  What are your thoughts?  If you are nursing a child “of a certain age,” how do you think of this time?  Some of the popular terms include sustained nursing,  full-term nursing, and simply nursing.  What do you suggest we call our meeting?  How do you describe your breastfeeding experience to your closest friends — and to one another?  Bring your thoughts to our November meeting … and feel free to start the conversation here!

— Susan








Visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association to find the poster featured here and to discover more ways to support nursing families.


4 thoughts on “The Normal Course of Breastfeeding

  1. KeeNan, it’s not quite November yet so we haven’t met! 🙂

    Our meeting will be Thursday morning, November 12th at 10:15 in the meeting room of the Sprague Public Library (2131 South 1100 East).

    I’m excited to hear a new meeting will be offered in Ogden for moms exploring the normal course of breastfeeding — in all the different paths that takes us.

    I will be sure to post some of our collected wisdom and, of course, any name changes for our monthly meeting.

    We’d be happy to post info or a link to the new Ogden meeting to help spread the word!

    — Susan

  2. So, what was the outcome of the November meeting? What did you decide? A meeting like this will be starting in the Ogden area in December and we’d be happy to hear what wisdom you have as we get started…

  3. Hey Susan,

    Did you mean that at the first of the year, you’re going to revise the name of your Extended Nursing Meeting? Or your Enrichment Meeting, as it says?


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