Baby Mamas (Put a Sling On ‘Em)

Have a smile and put a sling on ’em!

Thanks to sling mama Leigh out in Manhattan who created this fab Baby Mamas sling video.  Check out the making of this mama song on her blog, Marvelous Kiddos.

Slinging someone new for the holidays?  Ring up our Sling Diva, Meghan, at (801) 243-4355 and support your local LLL in addition to your growing family!  Slings are available at morning and evening Series Meetings and between meetings by appointment.


One thought on “Baby Mamas (Put a Sling On ‘Em)

  1. What rockin’ mamas! I loved it, but I wondered if they had to do a bunch of takes to make sure there were no scenes of babies crying. The babies in the slings seemed to tolerate the shenanigans o-k-a-y, but there were some pretty unsure faces! No buckets for those babies!

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