Nursing Twins (and sharing their story!)

We were delighted to see our own Marilee and her twin daughters, Katrina and Camryn, featured in the latest issue of New Beginnings.  So delighted that we had to share with everyone here!  Marilee comments on her experience writing her family’s story:

I love New Beginnings magazine!  I especially love the mothers’ stories, so I jumped on the opportunity to submit my story.  A couple of thoughts after seeing it in print:  The editing of my writing changed the flow of the story, and in some instances altered or de-emphasized my meaning.  It bothers me quite a bit that I wrote that nursing twins came easily to me.   It wasn’t easy.  Sure, I didn’t have to pump like lots of moms of twins do (that’s what I meant by “easily”), but it was hard work that took a lot of dedication; it was emotionally and physically draining those first few months.  But so worth the effort!  I also want to point out that I did supplement my twins with formula in several instances, when I was away from them and didn’t have expressed milk, or when I was having a bad night and didn’t know what else to try.  I’m glad I am more in touch with our local La Leche League Leaders now than I was during those first few months.  A call to an understanding Leader would have done a world of good!

Enjoy this real-life tale of motherhood in the LLLI New Beginnings Iissue 5-6 2009, beginning on page 25.

Thanks, Marilee!

This post highlights an excerpt from LLLI’s online magazine, New Beginnings.  To check out past articles of interest, visit the online archives.  For the latest issue, visit us on the blog, or join our email announcement list — drop a line to:

Expectant and nursing mothers of twins may find support through LLL of Salt Lake City and through Salt Lake Mothers of Twins.  Look for more resources on our HELP page, scroll down to Multiples.


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