Earthquake in Haiti

This week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti raises international concern for the thousands of disrupted and displaced families.  Nursing infants and children need special protection that may not be fully understood in the rush to aid.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a press release emphasizing the importance of “ensuring breastfeeding is continued.”

ILCA issued a press release underscoring the need to protect breastfeeding in order to best protect infants and young children.

The IFE Core Group is an inter-agency collaboration of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations concerned with policy development and implementation.  Member organizations (such as CARE,, an ongoing presence on the ground in Haiti) which support breastfeeding during relief operations, are listed on the IFE Core Group website.

Diarrheal diseases, already commonplace  in Haiti,  increase as sanitation conditions worsen.  Breastfeeding offers critical protection.

Currently there is a free podcast available from GOLD09 addressing the serious health challenges affecting the youngest survivors of natural disasters.  For a greater understanding of infant feeding challenges, you may wish to view (and perhaps share)  “Infant Feeding in Emergencies: Are you ready?” “presented by Karleen Gribble PhD.   This presentation will be of interest to anyone with an interest in public health policy.  Health care providers may wish to attend this year’s online conference, GOLD10.

—  Susan


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