Expectant and New Moms at Risk in Haiti

In the aftermath of the quake, expectant and new mothers face heightened risks.

CARE is one organizations focusing on this group.  From a recent press release:

CARE, which focuses on empowering women and girls as part of our global fight against poverty, has partnered with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) in Haiti to help meet the urgent needs of pregnant and lactating women after the earthquake. CARE has extensive ongoing health programs in Haiti, and will work with the local government to rebuild their health capacity.

For details of CARE’s effort,  you may refer to the organization’s press release.

Other organizations that target breastfeeding in emergency relief efforts can be found through the IFE Core Group.

—  Susan

We hope the information provided is of interest to readers and will inspire conversation among breastfeeding advocates.  Our community is also vulnerable to disaster, particularly the natural and unpredictable event of an earthquake.  We hope to encourage thoughtful support  for breastfeeding mothers and children, both everyday and in the days and years of great challenge. Please feel free to offer your own experience and thoughts on emergency preparation and relief.


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