Why Money Matters

Here are great links that speak clearly to the ways we best support Haitians.

The New York Times editorial:  Teaching Americans What Haiti Needs: Money

Good Intentions Are Not Enough, the straightforward blog from Saundra Schimmelpfennig, an international aid expert formerly with the Red Cross.  Saundra clearly spells out what to do in: Choosing organizations to donate to after the Haiti earthquake.

Local organizations know exactly what is needed and have everything in place to move fast.  They need cash to keep help flowing.

Dominican mothers  are donating milk with the aid.of UNICEF; scroll down to ‘A gesture of generosity. UNICEF, WHO, and WFP issued a press release explaining the need to safeguard breastfeeding.

I am happy to see so much attention to the importance of breastfeeding as a practice that not only saves lives but helps displaced families return to a sense of normalcy.

—  Susan


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