Cafe Day Returns!

We are adding a fourth meeting option for moms and cafe kids!  On Thursday January 28th we will launch our winter season Cafe Day at Cafe Niche, 779 East 300 South, from 10 am until 12 noon.

Please join us if you would like to continue a conversation from a meeting, if you have an issue you’d like to explore, or if you’ve never been to a meeting but think you’d enjoy a cafe atmosphere.  This is a great informal way to introduce a newborn, take a break, or get tips on that new baby carrier.  Feel free to bring a friend or visiting grandmother.  Leaders will also be on hand to help with any breastfeeding concerns.

Weekly email reminders contain location and topic details, as well as any updates or changes.  To stay in the loop, just send a brief note to  You will receive an email announcement by Monday evening on weeks we hold a meeting or event.

An overview of our 2010 monthly schedule of meetings follows:

1st Thursday 10:15 am Series Meeting

for expectant and nursing mothers exploring the full first year

2nd Thursday 10:15 am Nursing and Beyond

for mothers nursing beyond the first year

3rd Thursday 7 pm  Evening Series

for expectant and nursing mothers exploring the full first year

4th Thursday 10 am  Cafe Day

all conversations welcome!

We would like to include more people in more ways so we are exploring Cafe Days and Playgroups in addition to our more traditional meetings.  Please let us know what you think!

—  Susan

All LLL gatherings are relaxed settings for discussion.  All women are welcome to attend and we occasionally offer topics of special interest to the men and fathers in our children’s lives.  Of course,  babies and children are welcome and expected!


2 thoughts on “Cafe Day Returns!

  1. Claire, you bring up a good point. We hold meetings on Thursdays for a variety of reasons and we hope the consistency helps everyone find us and make time in the week. But this also means that if the first Thursday is bad for someone, the second, third and fourth are probably no better!

    We will absolutely take this under advisement! In fact, last year Cafe Day was on Friday and it is possible we could return to Fridays. For those working the 4 day state work week, Friday might work well.

    How does the fourth Friday morning look for everyone? Thoughts?

    — Susan

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