Utah House Bill 252: Making It Work

This week Christine Johnson (D-Salt Lake) introduced House Bill 252 “Workplace Accommodation of Breast Feeding.”

HB 252 would require most workplaces to provide an appropriate place where working mothers can express milk.  The needs of lactating employees are simple: scheduled breaks, and access to a clean, private room (not a toilet).  The bill supports employers’ “reasonable efforts” to meet this need.

One-third of mothers return to work within three months after a child is born, and two-thirds return six-months post-partum.

Are you one of these mothers?  What does it take to make it work for you on the job?  Whether you are an employee or the boss, tell us about your experiences expressing milk at work.

Are you an employer?  What are the challenges or triumphs you’ve had with lactating employees?

What were the conditions like at work where you were expressing milk?  Were they adequate, ideal, subpar?

Were you shy about asking for what you needed to express milk (breaks, a private, clean room)?

Let’s hear your stories!

—  Kelly


One thought on “Utah House Bill 252: Making It Work

  1. I’ve returned to work here in Utah after both of my babies were born. In each case, I had understanding employers who made generous accommodations so that I could keep nursing my children. Because of their generosity, I was able to continue nursing my children past the minimum 12 months recommended. I felt valued as an employee and supported as a mother. I was loyal to my companies, working extra hard to prove to them that their faith in me was justified. I’m so thankful to have the chance to nurse my children successfully, and the attitude of my employers was a critical portion.

    I know that my experience is not typical, and that’s why I support Bill 252. ALL mothers deserve the support of their employers.

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