Urgent! Utah needs mothers’ stories!

Updated February 25, 2010. You may continue to send your stories of returning to work as a breastfeeding mother.  All stories will help as this legislative effort continues.

Have you had a hard time pumping at work for a nursing child?  Please contact us immediately at breastfeedingslc@gmail.com or by phone 801.466.2182 (Melissa) so your experience can make changes in the workplace for Utah women.

Did you feel limited in your ability to express milk?  Were you forced to pump in a rest room because there was no other private place?  Did you pump in your car?  Did you need your baby to be brought to you but found that prohibitive?  Did you leave formula for your baby because it was too hard to pump at work?  Have you heard comments at work that would make it difficult for mothers to come back to work and continue breastfeeding?  Did you leave a job because you saw no way to continue breastfeeding in that situation?  Has your family had hardship as a result of your difficulties making breastfeeding work when you returned to the job?  Have you ever changed jobs so that breastfeeding or pumping would be easier?  Do you wish you could — but realistically you don’t think you could find a better job situation?

Do you know anyone — friend, neighbor, relative — who has encountered such a challenge?

We need real-life stories.  We need to demonstrate that right here in Utah, breastfeeding families need protection.  And we need to do this immediately because there is a last minute change and HB 252 will go to the Business and Labor committee on Friday February 26 at 4pm.

So ask around!  We know it’s personal, and you may hesitate to tell your story.  You might even hesitate to ask other women, but please take a deep breath and ask anyway.  Mothers are busy and some may still be working for the employer who originally made life difficult.  We would love to hear your story privately and find a way to share it by using a pseudonym but keeping the truth of your story in the forefront.

It won’t be long before our daughters and daughters-in-law bring babies into the world and wonder how they can breastfeed and still provide for their children in all the other practical ways.  Some of us may even be surprised at how soon we need to return to work with the next child, or the next job.

Please email your story privately to breastfeedingslc@gmail.com Include as many details as you feel comfortable sharing and let us know the best phone number to reach you.  If you are willing to share your story in person, reading your own written statement for two minutes, please let us know.  We are happy to help you share your experience with other mothers.

If you have any questions or hesitate to write your story, please call Melissa at 801.466.2182 and she will help your story be heard.

You are welcome to leave your thoughts and comments here as well.  Thank you for taking the time to help Utah be more family-friendly.

—  Susan

Utah HB 252 is scheduled to be reviewed by the Business and Labor Committee Friday February 26th at 4pm.


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