URGENT! HB 252 visits business and labor today!

Utah HB 252, “Workplace Accommodation of Brreastfeeding”: is scheduled for review by the Business and Labor Committee today, Friday, February 26 at 4pm. If you would like to support Utah HB 252, the best thing you can do right now is email members of the Business and Labor Committee (listed below).  If you can write just one letter, look for the legislator who is your representative.  If you want to write everyone, address each email to one person.

Just pick out one point, one sentence, and email your support for HB 252.  You can do this in less than two minutes!

Here are some ideas to jumpstart your support:

—  “I am your constituent and I urge you to support HB 252 Workplace Accommodation of Breastfeeding on behalf of Utah’s working families.”
(if you are not a voter in that district, you could just say “I urge you to support….”)

—  “I have personal experience returning to work as a nursing mother and this bill would have made life much easier for my family.”

— “Working mothers are a fact of life in Utah.  This bill supports our family values by keeping mothers and babies as close as possible.”

If you blog or Facebook or chat on lists, spread the word!

—  Susan

Business and Labor Committee

Rep. James A. Dunnigan, Chair- R, Dist. 39 (Taylorsville)     jdunnigan@utah.gov

Rep. Patrick Painter, Vice Chair- R, Dist  67 (Nephi)     ppainter@utah.gov

Rep. Jackie Biskupski- D, Dist. 30 (SLC)     jbiskupski@utah.gov

Rep. Stephen D. Clark-R, Dist 63 (Provo)     sclark@utah.gov

Rep. Susan Duckworth-D, Dist. 22 (Magna)   sduckworth@utah.gov

Rep. Gage Froerer-R,  Dist 8 (Huntsville)     gfroerer@utah.gov

Rep. Kevin S. Garn-R, Dist 16 (Layton)     kgarn@utah.gov

Rep. Francis D. Gibson, Dist 65 (Mapleton)     fgibson@utah.gov

Rep. Neil A. Hansen-D, Dist 9 (Ogden)     neilhansen@utah.gov

Rep. Brian S. King-D, Dist 28 (SLC)     briansking@utah.gov

Rep. Todd E. Kiser, Dist 41 (Sandy)     toddkiser@utah.gov

Rep. Michael T. Morleys-R, Dist 66 (Spanish Fork)     mikemorley@utah.gov

Rep. C. Brent Wallis-R, Dist 10 (Ogden)     bwallis@utah.gov

Rep. R. Curt Webb-R, Dist 5 (Logan)     curtwebb@utah.gov


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