HB 252 Update

What’s up with this bill is it went down and blew away.  The Business and Labor Committee members decided that this issue does not affect enough people and they simply do not want to give Utah businesses a mandate to accommodate breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.

Perhaps the large number of Utah mothers returning to work in the first year are too busy rushing home to their babies to take the time to make their voices heard.  Perhaps the reality of the multi-tasking mother is so commonplace we cannot see her need right in front of us.  Whatever the reason, this year’s effort is over but the need remains.

If you have a story or comment about the need to accommodate breastfeeding mothers as they return to employment, please let your voice be heard.  We will continue to welcome your stories for months or years until mothers in Utah have protection and consideration as they go about the most important business any of us undertake:  the nurturing of newborn and growing babies.

—  Susan

If you prefer to offer your story privately, please email breastfeedingslc@gmail.com   Thank you for bolstering the network of breastfeeding mothers in Utah!


One thought on “HB 252 Update

  1. It looks as though there isn’t an update in over two years. I’m looking for more information on pumping in the workplace and what is required. My employer doesn’t seem to be concerned with my lack of breaks to pump. Thus my supply is dwindling fast and my baby is only 7 months.

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