March Evening Series Meeting

We had a great Evening Meeting last night!

The topic was “Tips and Tricks for Successful Breastfeeding” and we had special focus on baby carriers with demonstrations.

Some of the suggestions from experienced moms in the group were: thinking of jobs that can be done in 15 minute increments so that you can feel a sense of completion; re-setting your expectations for how clean or organized your house will be when small people live in it; trying to live in the moment and enjoy being a mom rather than focusing on other tasks that might not be getting done; responding to unsolicited advice (‘Thanks for your suggestion. I will take it into consideration.’); and even giving unsolicited advice (“Can I help you with that baby carrier?”  “You should make the choice that works for your family, but let me tell you what worked for my family…”)

It was wonderful that there were three moms attending pregnant with their first babies and even more wonderful that there were experienced moms attending to share their wisdom.

Remember – if the only people who came to meetings were in crisis there might not be anyone with solutions to share!  LLL meetings are a place to celebrate your mothering successes, get support for your mothering challenges, contribute to  and enjoy the community of mothers.

See you next month!  Christy


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