Playgroup Brunch Spans Two Days

Wow! What a successful couple of brunches we had! Thanks to all of those who could join us, and for those of you who couldn’t, we look forward to seeing you shortly!

Thanks for all the wonderful conversations, delicious variety of foods, and good fun! The highlights for me were (and I am actually being totally serious when I write this, not sarcastic – promise):

-the teeny tiny footprints I found in the bathtub (I wish I’d thought to take a picture) ADORABLE

-the smiling faces of moms seeing others they hadn’t seen in a long time and being able to reconnect with each other

-all the food, of course

-the smashed tupperware container up the street that I saw on my walk today (meaning a mom was probably too busy getting her tot in the car to remember to put the container IN the car). If you are missing your container, it is now in container heaven 😉

-all of you who made this such a success

We were…..

25 moms + their babes on Friday

12 moms + babes on Saturday

A huge THANK YOU for your support of this event!

—  Laurel

Thanks to you, Laurel, for so graciously hosting us all!


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