April Evening Meeting Recap

We had an energizing evening meeting last night with 3 members, 2 Leaders, and 9 children ( 2 in utero) in attendance!  We had over 18 years of maternal nursing experience in the room!  It was Series 4: Nutrition and Weaning, but since that topic didn’t really resonate with anyone in attendance we went with a more free-form meeting with no set agenda.  It was wonderful!  We discussed nursing in public – specifically the perceived and actual differences between nursing infants and older children – nursing while pregnant, and many other parenting topics.

The meeting truly reflected the mother-to-mother support that is the goal of LLL.  Thanks to everyone who participates in meetings! We’re always glad to see you, hear your stories, receive your wisdom, and add to the collective body of mothering knowledge in the community.

—  Christy


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