Guest Speaker at Nursing and Beyond in May: Hallie Robbins, D.O.

Bearing, birthing, and raising children is an amazing and transformative experience. It changes us emotionally, and it changes us physically. And that can lead to some back pain. And some shoulder pain. And that nagging pinch in the side of the neck.

Join us on May 13th at 10:15 at Sprague Library for “Childbearing, Babywearing, Kid Caring: Osteopathic Medicine.” Dr. Hallie Robbins, an osteopath in Salt Lake City who was active with LLL of SLC when her own daughter was a nursling, will discuss how osteopathic manipulation and changes in the way we move our bodies can help us remain comfortable during all of the stages of motherhood. She will also talk about how osteopathy can help infants with an imperfect latch, colic, and other discomforts of babyhood.

While the Nursing and Beyond meeting usually focuses on topics specific to nursing babies in the second year and beyond, this special meeting will address issues for mothers and children at all stages. Regardless of the age of your baby (or your belly!), please join us and bring a friend. We look forward to seeing you and your wee ones!



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