Nursing and Beyond: Guest Speaker Recap

Hallie Robbins, D.O., spoke at our Nursing and Beyond meeting this morning. Nearly 20 moms with their nurslings in tow listened as Hallie described tips for proper posture while holding, wearing, and nursing our children and common misalignments that occur during and after pregnancy. Using volunteers from the group, she demonstrated massage techniques and how to align our bodies while wearing different carriers. Moms left with handouts about various body alignment and posture issues and instructions for exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Thank you so much, Hallie, for meeting with us today!

Moms who attended, please leave your comments about the meeting. Did having a guest speaker meet your needs, or is there another way we could meet your needs better? Was the event consistent with what you expected based on the descriptions you saw before the meeting? What topics would you like to see addressed at future meetings?

Also, if you’re missing a water bottle after the meeting today, leave a message or call Charity to retrieve it.



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