Dressing to Nurse

At yesterday’s Cafe Day we talked a bit about dressing for success with breastfeeding.  One mom is looking for a nursing dress for a very special occasion and I suspect she is not alone.  With that in mind I thought I’d link some shops that offer nursing dresses (& patterns) online and about town.

Of course there are many ways to use everyday clothes already in your closet to breastfeed comfortably wherever life takes you.   For articles on all aspects of nursing in public, check out these LLLI articles.   For one-on-one tips on nursing in public, dressing for comfortable nursing, and avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, come to any LLL meeting or Cafe Day and you are sure to get a live demo.

If you have other suggestions for nursing moms ready to dress up with a baby,  please join in!

—  Susan


2 thoughts on “Dressing to Nurse

  1. I’ve found a really simple solution! All the breastfeeding specific clothes are so expensive, & I just can’t afford a tank top for every day of the week to go under my shirts..SO, I purchased a bunch of tank tops from Aeropostale..they are extra long & stretchy with adjustable straps..I wear them under everything & over my nursing bras..then when I need to feed I just pull up my shirt & down the tank top (stretchy, remember!) & wa-la! I’m completely covered & my little guy can eat comfortably..it’s been a super cheap & convenient option!

  2. One gripe I have with most ‘nursing clothes’ is that they are cut and styled more for women who are recently postpartum than for women who have returned to pre-pregnancy size and/or shape. I have a few nursing tops and dresses that I do like for various reasons, but now when I wear them they make me look pregnant. Here’s a clamor for non-maternity nursing clothes!

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