December’s Series Meeting

Thanks to the moms and moms-to-be who came to the series meeting yesterday at the Sprague Library. Officially the title of the meeting was Nutrition and Weaning. We discussed this and as it is the holidays, we discussed ways to make the holidays easier with a little nursing one, and things to be aware of. Some of the topics we covered (Many from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding) were:

Take shorter shopping trips and bring along your baby.  If you are still feeling shy about nursing in public, feed your baby just before you leave home, in the car, or in dressing rooms.

*Moms had great suggestions on where the best nursing stations at the malls are. Take your baby to the party. Hosts are usually referring to older children who can get into trouble underfoot when they say “Adults Only”. Wearing your baby in a sling or wrap makes it easy to nurse discreetly.  Baby wearing is also useful when you have guests. It enables you to keep your baby from being passed from one person to the next and becoming over stimulated. If you keep a running list of chores on the refrigerator, you can point to it whenever somebody offers to help.

A common theme was that moms are simplifying decorations and gift giving this year.

It was a great time! We had 10 moms in attendance: 3 first time attendees, 4 returning non-members and 3 leaders.



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