Keeping Baby Warm at Birth

Planning your baby’s birth?  Here’s a great video to inspire conversation with your partner and with your birth helpers.  There is huge emphasis on the importance of maintaining skin-to-skin contact with mom — because mother’s body is the normal habitat of the newborn and babies are born expecting to attach to their mothers and simply stay there.  Did you know your newborn feels as cold in 73 degree air as you do in freezing 32?  Your baby stays warm at the breast and this presentation explains why.  Great breastfeeding tips too!

Thanks to Victoria Nesterova and JSI, Ukraine for a great video illustrating baby’s attachment at birth — safe, warm, ready to nurse.

— Susan

Evidence-based recommendations from the World Health Organization, to prevent hypothermia, using skin-to-skin contact, delay of bath and exam and other steps. Video created by JSI, Ukraine, used with permission.


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