The Babymoon

At our Evening Series meeting last night we had a lively discussion about planning for success when baby(ies) are newly born including strategies to manage well-meaning guests and visitors whose notions of infant care or personal space may not match those of the new parents.  One idea that we discussed was announcing ahead of the birth that you plan to take a babymoon with your new family. No one thinks that it is odd for newlyweds to take off for a while to recover from the event, enjoy each other, and explore this new dimension of their lives together as a married couple rather than single people. The same principles can apply to arrival of a new baby!  It can be helpful and even empowering for the new family to take some time to focus attention inward, to recover from the birth, enjoy each other, and explore this new dimension of their lives together as a family with a baby rather than a couple. 

Such a babymoon might help get breastfeeding off to a good start by encouraging mom and baby to have lots of uninterrupted time together with the support of baby’s father without distractions of other people who might want to be entertained, wonder where to find more toilet paper, or unintentionally introduce breastfeeding difficulties by holding the baby so that mom can sleep or expressing concern about milk supply or wanting to feed baby.

Come to our next meeting and share your ideas and successes on this topic and many others – we’d love to meet you and hear your story!



2 thoughts on “The Babymoon

  1. My husband and I had an all too short 36 hour babymoon. I wish we would have taken another couple days or more, but I’m grateful we at least had that time alone with our little girl. Perhaps with our 2nd child… 🙂 The pressure from family and friends to come visit was a little overwhelming.

  2. My husband and I did not let anyone visit us for the first month after our baby’s birth. I had to go back to work after 4 weeks so it was the only chance I had to really bond with my baby. Not having people over was the best decision I have ever made! After deciding to have a baby of course.

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