Celebrating Strong Mothers

“I revel in the power of mothers supporting mothers, women supporting women, strong mothers.”

Jennifer Mourin
Penang, Malaysia


Read more, see more, in Breastfeeding Today. Enjoy the art and check out a few other articles on practical issues for nursing families.



Breastfeeding Cafe & World Breastfeeding Week

Have you stopped by the Breastfeeding Cafe yet?  Well, what are you waiting for?!  The Cafe runs daily August 1-15 this year at the Salt Lake City Main Public Library in the SHARE space right in the middle of the atrium.  Click the icon to check out the Cafe blog including the events calendar and the blog carnival.  LLL of SLC is holding meetings at the Main Library all month in partnership with the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition‘s Breastfeeding Cafe and in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week.  So come on down!  There will be familiar faces, and plenty of new ones too.  A great way to network in momma circles is to sign up for a volunteer shift — it’s easy and it’s fun, and your nursing baby is more than welcome.  Meghan, one of our trusty Salt Lake Leaders, is the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe.  Give her a jingle at (801) 243-4355 or email maecrovo@gmail.com

Don’t forget to check out today’s Salt Lake Tribune article on the 5th annual Breastfeeding Cafe, linked.  Nice photo!  But why is breastfeeding misspelled in two different ways in the article?  The main purpose of the Cafe is to encourage understanding of breastfeeding as a normal relationship between mother and child.  Breastfeeding is how mothers and children first learn to communicate with one another, breastfeeding is a relationship, a way of being together.  This is why breastfeeding is spelled as one word.  You can’t separate the breast from the feeding without losing the relationship.  Increasingly, medical researchers, anthropologists, and mothers are coming together in this understanding:  Breastfeeding is the first relationship.  Milk, antibodies, behavior and communication are all changed by breastfeeding, and there’s no separating milk and breast in the mind of a newborn. We learn to be human at our mothers’ breasts.

Someday we won’t need breastfeeding cafes.  Everyone will understand how normal and important it is for mothers and babies to tuck into one another, how this first relationship is the foundation for families and communities.  This summer we’re downtown celebrating the everyday wonders of the first mothering season, and your family is invited!

— Susan

Another Way of Saying ‘I Love You’

The Mississippi WIC  has put its long-standing breastfeeding video online.  The idea is that even if you are the first to nurse a baby in your circle, it’s a normal do-able thing — WIC will help and so will a surprising number of people in your life.  You can check out the Mississippi Department of Health website.

The video may be a bit outdated but the message is still a new one for many.

—  Susan

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dressing to Nurse

At yesterday’s Cafe Day we talked a bit about dressing for success with breastfeeding.  One mom is looking for a nursing dress for a very special occasion and I suspect she is not alone.  With that in mind I thought I’d link some shops that offer nursing dresses (& patterns) online and about town.

Of course there are many ways to use everyday clothes already in your closet to breastfeed comfortably wherever life takes you.   For articles on all aspects of nursing in public, check out these LLLI articles.   For one-on-one tips on nursing in public, dressing for comfortable nursing, and avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, come to any LLL meeting or Cafe Day and you are sure to get a live demo.

If you have other suggestions for nursing moms ready to dress up with a baby,  please join in!

—  Susan

Supporting Haiti: a work in progress

Breastfeeding advocates across the globe are noticing that some images of breastfeeding are being censored and some images of artificial feeding are skewing our impressions of real needs in Haiti.

The images here are highlighted in a recent blog entry from “Hoyden about Town.” Which photo is more offensive?  What is being marketed, and to whom?

Haitians enjoy a strong tradition of breastfeeding and deserve our support.

—  Susan

Our recent post, “Why Money Matters,” links information on well-established organizations offering aid on the ground in Haiti.  We’ll also hook you up with some great editorials.