Cafe Day

Please join us in our new location for fall:
Cafe on 1st
(in the Avenues, corner of “I” Street & First Avenue)

We will meet to visit, address burning questions, and make new friends from 10 am until 12 noon Thursday September 23rd.

During the first hour local photographer and nursing mom Timbra Wiist of Landslide Photography will be snapping images of the Cafe on behalf of the US Breastfeeding Committee’s campaign to encourage community support for breastfeeding.  The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition will produce a poster illustrating how Utah opens it doors for breastfeeding.  If you and your child would enjoy having your photo taken as part of this project, you may give permission in writing.  If you would like to visit with other moms privately and off-camera, don’t worry!  No photos will be taken without permission and we will continue visiting the rest of the morning without a photographer on site.

Participants may enjoy a few complimentary images, courtesy of the photographer.  Curious about her work?  Visit her website, and browse ours here!  Timbra provided many of the images.

Hope to see you at Cafe Day, feel free to bring your questions or a curious friend and enjoy a cuppa.  Look for new friends and old inside on the couches!

—  Susan


Evening Series Meeting: August 2010

Thanks to everyone who came to the City Library yesterday for our Evening Series Meeting. It was Series 4, and officially the topic was Weaning and Starting Solids. We had a lot of smaller babies in attendance and allowed the conversation to stray to other topics as well.

Highlights included demonstrations of different nursing positions such as nursing on either side while lying down and a rousing endorsement of lying down with baby’s feet towards mom’s head rather than tummy to tummy (sometimes called an Australian position).

Don’t forget our special meeting next Thursday at 7pm at the City Library — bring baby’s dad and/or other important support people!

Evening Series Meeting returns to its usual location next month, in the Amicus Board Room in the Education Wing at LDS Hospital, at 7pm on Sept 16.

— Christy

Dressing to Nurse

At yesterday’s Cafe Day we talked a bit about dressing for success with breastfeeding.  One mom is looking for a nursing dress for a very special occasion and I suspect she is not alone.  With that in mind I thought I’d link some shops that offer nursing dresses (& patterns) online and about town.

Of course there are many ways to use everyday clothes already in your closet to breastfeed comfortably wherever life takes you.   For articles on all aspects of nursing in public, check out these LLLI articles.   For one-on-one tips on nursing in public, dressing for comfortable nursing, and avoiding wardrobe malfunctions, come to any LLL meeting or Cafe Day and you are sure to get a live demo.

If you have other suggestions for nursing moms ready to dress up with a baby,  please join in!

—  Susan

April Evening Meeting Recap

We had an energizing evening meeting last night with 3 members, 2 Leaders, and 9 children ( 2 in utero) in attendance!  We had over 18 years of maternal nursing experience in the room!  It was Series 4: Nutrition and Weaning, but since that topic didn’t really resonate with anyone in attendance we went with a more free-form meeting with no set agenda.  It was wonderful!  We discussed nursing in public – specifically the perceived and actual differences between nursing infants and older children – nursing while pregnant, and many other parenting topics.

The meeting truly reflected the mother-to-mother support that is the goal of LLL.  Thanks to everyone who participates in meetings! We’re always glad to see you, hear your stories, receive your wisdom, and add to the collective body of mothering knowledge in the community.

—  Christy

March Evening Series Meeting

We had a great Evening Meeting last night!

The topic was “Tips and Tricks for Successful Breastfeeding” and we had special focus on baby carriers with demonstrations.

Some of the suggestions from experienced moms in the group were: thinking of jobs that can be done in 15 minute increments so that you can feel a sense of completion; re-setting your expectations for how clean or organized your house will be when small people live in it; trying to live in the moment and enjoy being a mom rather than focusing on other tasks that might not be getting done; responding to unsolicited advice (‘Thanks for your suggestion. I will take it into consideration.’); and even giving unsolicited advice (“Can I help you with that baby carrier?”  “You should make the choice that works for your family, but let me tell you what worked for my family…”)

It was wonderful that there were three moms attending pregnant with their first babies and even more wonderful that there were experienced moms attending to share their wisdom.

Remember – if the only people who came to meetings were in crisis there might not be anyone with solutions to share!  LLL meetings are a place to celebrate your mothering successes, get support for your mothering challenges, contribute to  and enjoy the community of mothers.

See you next month!  Christy

Cafe Day Returns!

We are adding a fourth meeting option for moms and cafe kids!  On Thursday January 28th we will launch our winter season Cafe Day at Cafe Niche, 779 East 300 South, from 10 am until 12 noon.

Please join us if you would like to continue a conversation from a meeting, if you have an issue you’d like to explore, or if you’ve never been to a meeting but think you’d enjoy a cafe atmosphere.  This is a great informal way to introduce a newborn, take a break, or get tips on that new baby carrier.  Feel free to bring a friend or visiting grandmother.  Leaders will also be on hand to help with any breastfeeding concerns.

Weekly email reminders contain location and topic details, as well as any updates or changes.  To stay in the loop, just send a brief note to  You will receive an email announcement by Monday evening on weeks we hold a meeting or event.

An overview of our 2010 monthly schedule of meetings follows:

1st Thursday 10:15 am Series Meeting

for expectant and nursing mothers exploring the full first year

2nd Thursday 10:15 am Nursing and Beyond

for mothers nursing beyond the first year

3rd Thursday 7 pm  Evening Series

for expectant and nursing mothers exploring the full first year

4th Thursday 10 am  Cafe Day

all conversations welcome!

We would like to include more people in more ways so we are exploring Cafe Days and Playgroups in addition to our more traditional meetings.  Please let us know what you think!

—  Susan

All LLL gatherings are relaxed settings for discussion.  All women are welcome to attend and we occasionally offer topics of special interest to the men and fathers in our children’s lives.  Of course,  babies and children are welcome and expected!

How Do We Wean?

While we often think of weaning as the closing of the nursing relationship, there is nothing simple about the experience.  Far from the closing of a door, weaning is a complex passage in the relationship of mother and child.  Weaning begins early in the breastfeeding relationship — when babies find comfort and food away from the breast, when mothers and babies are separated — and continues for months and sometimes years as mothers and babies grow and change together.

Recently at our Extended Nursing Meeting, the subject came up of a product to encourage weaning.  We usually think of products that protect and sustain, not only our milk, but our breastfeeding and mothering relationships.  The introduction of a product to interrupt breastfeeding is at odds with what many mothers recognize as the core of LLL philosophy.  After all, nursing is a relationship.  Weaning may be child-led or mother-led, but hopefully it is not product-led.  As mothers we celebrate our earliest moments of communication and trust with our children at the breast.  We hope that trust will continue.  We hope the last moments we welcome a child to nurse will be worthy of memory.

La Leche League philosophy is based on 10 concepts.  The sixth concept addresses weaning:  Ideally the breastfeeding relationship will continue until the baby outgrows the need. But when will your child outgrow his need?  What if you are being pulled in a different direction?  Is it normal to have ambivalent feelings about nursing?

The LLLI website offers articles that answer some questions and raise others as you explore your own mothering path.  For topics addressing a range of issues from nursing strikes to tandem nursing, visit the wide variety of  LLL articles on weaning. Common questions are addressed in “Weaning as a Natural Process” and “Weaning and Mothers’ Feelings”

You may notice a continuing thread of philosophy.   Mothers know their children.  Children thrive on trust and respect. La Leche League is here to reflect mothers’ experience, report research of interest, and moderate forums for conversation.  But no one knows what is best for your child, or for you, but you.

We hope you will join us at our next meeting, and throughout your nursing season.  Mother in good company!  Our conversation will be richer for your voice.

— Susan