elliot1 xLa Leche League offers encouragement, information, and education for nursing families. We are online, as close as your phone, and in neighborhoods around the globe.  Please join us in Salt Lake City for discussion circles of expectant and nursing parents, some with a different perspective and some a lot like you!

Email breastfeedingslc@gmail.com to receive notices of upcoming meetings. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we are currently meeting virtually.

We look forward to meeting you, by phone or online!

—  Alison, Harmony, Kacie, Nicole, Susan, & Whitney

“I’d like to check out a MEETING

—  when’s the next one?”


“My question can’t wait! How can I call?”

LLL of Salt Lake City warmline:

(801) 251-MILK or (801) 251-6455

Virtual Meetings, join us from work or home!

We have been meeting via Zoom for over a year now and it’s beginning to feel like home. Meetings will continue virtually until the end of the year and will continue to have a place on our meeting schedule when we ease back to in-person meetups. We love the flexibility this gives all of us to pop in spontaneously, wherever we are.

Leaders from the Salt Lake and Weber/Davis groups are collaborating to offer meetings together every Thursday. We alternate meeting times to reach as many nursing parents as we can, 10am one week and 7pm the next. We have welcomed folks on the road, far away, and sometimes on a lunch break at work. If you need a little more support right now, treat yourself to weekly meetings and get fresh insight from a new mix of parents and Leaders with every visit.

Email breastfeedingslc@gmail.com and we will be happy to add you to our meeting list. You’ll receive timely reminders of our monthly schedule with updated Zoom links. This is a great thing to do while you are expecting as well as while you are nursing. You’ll get insight into the days ahead and you’ll get to know other nursing and pumping parents who have a lot in common with your own family.

We hope to see you tonight — and next week too!

Join us — wherever you are!

Facebook Live Meeting!

LLL of Weber/Davis is hosting a Facebook Live Meeting on Thursday March 19 @ 6:30pm.

Join us from the comfort of your computer or mobile device! Look for the LLL of Weber/Davis Facebook group a few minutes in advance. (This group is currently archived, but will be unarchived for the meeting.)

Lexi will lead our online meeting and Leaders from the SLC and Weber/Davis groups
will be in the comments providing information.

LLL of Salt Lake City will not be meeting in-person for some time due to the coronavirus outbreak but we are still here to help. Please give us a call if you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or pumping:

LLL of Salt Lake City warmline:

(801) 251-MILK or (801) 251-6455

We are exploring other ways to offer support, such as a virtual Zoom meeting. To stay in the loop, email breastfeedingslc@gmail.com and we will add you to our email list.

We urge everyone to practice social distancing in keeping with CDC guidelines to keep our community safe.
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Meetings & meetups over 62 years

La Leche League turns 62 this month!

If you are curious about how the organization was born, check out this blog post from our parent blog, La Leche League USA. During the 1950s there was little information about breastfeeding in the US and no internet to search! In the early days, LLL Founders answered long questions by phone at home with long curly cords stretching around doorways and toddlers. They gathered around kitchen tables to hand write letters in answer to questions delivered by foot to their home mailboxes. Even in the early 1990s, Founders would answer answer questions one by one. Once when I called to ask a question on behalf of a Salt Lake mom, one of the founders took my call and sent a big manila envelope stuffed with articles and encouragement to share.

One-on-one parenting and mentoring support remains the heart and soul of La Leche League. There is nothing like the sharing that happens when we get together in person holding our babies. You may have a chance to tell your story or meet a great new friend. We hope you will join us at an upcoming meeting — perhaps tomorrow.

Welcome! La Leche League blossoms with each new family.

~~ Susan



The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition is working alongside Utah mothers and families to protect breastfeeding in public by supporting a new bill addressing the needs of breastfeeding kiddos — like yours! Want to support breastfeeding in Utah? Have a story to tell? Interested in meeting other fun & feisty nursing mamas working to normalize breastfeeding? The new Utah legislative session begins January 2015 but there is work going on now!

To get the latest scoop, join the Facebook group, Utah Protects Breastfeeding.

Here’s the group description:

We are individuals, mothers, and families working with the support of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition to protect breastfeeding in Utah through new legislation.

For 20 years Utah has had language which only clarifies that breastfeeding in public is exempt from criminal indecency law and therefore mothers continue to be harassed.

Our goal is to create simple, clear language to protect breastfeeding in Utah and to increase public awareness that breastfeeding is normal.

New LLL Group in Tooele

Good news for moms and expectant families in Tooele, Erda, Stansbury Park, and Grantsville — La Leche League is coming your way! Mark your calendars for the first meeting of 2014 on Thursday January 23rd at 7pm. The topic will be: “Getting breastfeeding off to a good start.” Come to learn, to network with other mothers, to share your own experiences. Time is always set aside for individual questions on any aspect of nursing. Expectant mothers are especially encouraged to attend. Nursing children and happy siblings are welcome at LLL meetings. Feel free to bring a friend or interested grandmother. Contact Christina at 801-623-1797 or sprintina@gmail.com for meeting location and, of course, for any other questions you might have. Come help grow a nursing community in your neighborhood. Spread the word!